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Move Fluidly

An effective, holistic approach to physical therapy designed to ease and expand movement
Find Healing Through Fluidity with Julie Jacobs, Holistic PT


The body has a fluid intelligence that allows us to recover from injury, shift movement patterns and move with less effort or pain.

Relying on a deep knowledge of body systems, and a love of problem solving, Julie works collaboratively with you to establish ease of movement grasses in a breeze.

Individual Sessions with Julie Jacobs, NonTraditional PT
Individual Sessions

Private appointments with hands-on touch and Julie's perceptive take on fluidity and movement. Learn how to participate in your own healing to recover from injury, pain and limitations.

Consultation for bodyworkers & instruction for groups with Julie Jacobs, NonTraditional PT

Supervision and training for bodyworkers to enhance their practices with Julie's take on movement and technique. Customized instruction to groups for injury prevention and embodiment.

"But she sees

so much more..."

   "Julie’s gaze is the opposite of a CAT scan. She looks at you and sees the medical stuff, sure, but she sees so much more: she detects the subtlest signs of hope. She has dedicated her life to nurturing possibilities of regeneration that are invisible - unimaginable - to most of us.

   "I worked with Julie intensively after surviving a hiking accident, a spine broken in three places, major surgery, and rehab. She healed me. At the same time, she taught me how to heal myself. Subsequent medical professionals have admired the extent of my physical freedom. I tell them about Julie and how skilled she was at addressing my pain (and panic.) But the real secret is this: she’s a freedom fighter. She liberated me from the word 'victim'."





Julie weaves 40+ years of hands-on experience with decades of study into a unique - and uniquely effective - approach to ​physical therapy.

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