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A Workshop for Women

with Julie Jacobs & Kim Scanlon

Learn potent new ways of enjoying the receptive and expressive capacities of your body and voice.

Through explorations of body, breath, and sound, bolstered by pithy talks, participants in this workshop series will access true and surprising sources of power and expression. This is not going to be the usual thing.

Here is the inquiry at the heart of Kim and Julie’s joint adventure:

How can we express feminine power in our own ways
without defaulting to masculine strategies?


This work, therefore, is sensuous: grounded in earth and drenched in Eros. You will leave each class with sensitive and grounded practices that will deepen your fascination with the way that breath, body, and voice are both creaturely and divine.

Kim is a creative mentor, expressive arts teacher, writer, and singer who brings to the mix her pioneering no solos approach that draws from depth psychologies, Continuum, and jazz.


All are welcome. The only prerequisite is an appetite for slowing life down so that what we think of as ordinary can be freshly perceived.  


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